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Friday, February 24, 2006

McDonald's gets healthy, again?

If you've been over at McDonald's "Open for discussion" blog, you might have read about the new new nutrition panel the golden arch people are considering.

First, I believe there's a huge brand disconnect between McDonald's and healthy eating - nobody goes to McDonald's if they're concerned about eating healthy! They tried and failed miserably with the Arch Deluxe sandwhich ten years ago.

Second, why are they recreating the label when the federal government is spending millions of dollars to create and promote a uniform label for our food products?

I'm just curious.

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Anonymous J. Michael said...

Spot on. To me, McD's brand is about fast, tasty, fun food.

I think that their recasting themselves as a "healthy" eatery only introduces brand confusion.

9:38 AM


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