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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The fusion isn't DIRTY, it's only D'oh

My earlier post on the Fusion razor from Gillette only focused on the story being used to market the product. If we use the the D.I.R.T.Y. (different, inviting, relevant, truthful and yours) brand measurement model, it still comes way short of being a great brand.

Different - Yep, but not necessarily in a good way. It's got six blades and one of them is likely to inflict severe damage if you aren't careful. I'd say that's pretty different.

Inviting - Yep, if you believe the promise of a closer shave and the dubious story about the pressure created in the space between the three blades in other razors. Good try.

Relevant - Definitely. Who wants anything less than a close shave?

Truthful - This is where the brand falls flat on its five-o'clock-shadowed face. In my humble opinion, the promise is not the least bit believable.

So I'll be interested to see how many of these expensive razors actually are sold. I think you'd have to be pretty gullible to buy this story, or this razor.


Blogger Bradley said...

Thank you, yes, I totally agree. I was swayed by the advertising and bought the thing, and it ripped my face apart. Lesson learned. I've gone and bought a straight razor!

1:14 AM


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