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Friday, January 13, 2006

Be relevant

The problem with many brands is that they use advertising messages that aren't relevant. They yak more about themselves - features, price, etc. - than they do about the audience.

This is one of the exceptions. It's for United Sugars, selling sugar, a commodity product that is practically identical to anybody else's sugar, but it hits the relevance nail on the head. It tells a story that is completely relevant to the person who buys a lot of sugar.

The copy reads:

Another day in purchasing

At United Sugars, we know that your job is anything but easy. That’s why we’re focused on providing you with a reliable supply of sugar. And willing to do whatever it takes to help you keep your cool. Give us a call at 1-800-984-3585, or visit www.unitedsugars.com.

Simple copy about a simple promise - we provide a reliable supply of sugar. Outstanding execution, don't you think?

Full disclosure here: I had nothing to do with this ad, but I wish I had thought of it.


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